Doomed to spend my life alone?

I have never felt so lonely in my life. How much time alone for 3 years by the last girl I really wanted to be with. Come to find out the reason she could have her come it was because of my height and short stature. Standing at 5'4 I feel as though I have been socially excluded from being able to enjoy one of the basic things about being young which is dating. I feel left out as I see everybody around me grew over the years except for me. I have joined online dating sites only to continue to be judged for my height. I've gone on dates that seemingly went fine. interesting conversation and a decent amount of laughter. I'm educated as well. I get lots of compliments on how handsome I am and how amazing my smile is. Unfortunately that has not been good enough for somebody to love me or date me. I see my peers getting married and having kids and feel as though I'm the furthest from it. This is my life and there's nothing I can do about my height. I feel so worthless as I know I have so much to give and so much love to show but there was nobody to give that to.

Now tend to look for middle eastern women as they are the one that have seemed not to judge me in my experience


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  • Your not doomed to spend the rest if your life alone at all. Maybe your just getting the wrong type of woman. Seems like it to me if you can make judgement about somebodies height. I'm 5foot 11 and I've been in a relationship for 3 years with somebody who was 5 foot 6 and it seriously doesn't bother me. People made comment when we'd go out drinking cause I'd have 6 inch heels on aswell haha. Your not doomed there are plenty of woman out there who would love to be your partner through thick and thin you've just got to find them. Just because you've had a few selfish ones you shouldn't give up just think it this was if they were so heartless to do something like that then you've probably got away from something bad x


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  • You're looking at this all wrong, bro.

    What does it matter what you have to give? That's all anyone ever says when it comes to men. "You have so much to offer a woman!" Well lahdeefuckingDAH, what does she have to offer you besides warm holes? Oh, and debt. Lots and lots of debt.

    I've been married, man. It ain't what it's advertised as. It fucking sucks. And when it ends, that's even worse. Because you get royally fucked, just for being a man.

    Let me put it this way: Let's say that you and I decide to go into business together. We draw up a contract that basically mirrors the marriage contract. I get the half with all the benefits and rewards (the female half), you get the part with all the responsibilities and risks (the male half). You take this contract to your lawyer to review.

    If your lawyer advocated that you should sign that contract, he would be disbarred for gross incompetence.

    That should tell you everything about marriage. You do NOT want any of that.

    You've made it to 30 without getting married, you're basically home-free. I wish I could say the same.


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  • Being alone is NOT as bad as you make it out to be. I have been single for almost 5 years now. We humans are adaptable. With time you'll get used to being alone, like me!

  • height doesn't matter bro, I'm 6'4 and i've never done ANYTHING with a woman, hang in there man and keep trying

  • lol @ u