How to gain confidence?

There's a guy I like that I really want to ask out, I'm just so nervous. I feel as if I am not pretty enough for him, or that he won't find me attractive. I feel as if he's probably looking for someone thinner and more model looking, and I can't say if that's true or not it could just be me. I need the confidence to just ask him. Any tips?


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  • Well if you ask him out, I think he'd find you even more attractive!

    Gaining confidence though: you have to start proving to yourself you are worth something, instead of convincing yourself that you aren't. There isn't an explicit method to achieve this, as it's different for some people.

    When I was building mine, I would ask myself everyday: "What do I want to do? What do I want to wear?" and actually go through with it, and say fuck it or yolo.


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  • If you feel like you're not pretty/good enough, start working on/improving yourself.
    Confidence will eventually come.
    Also, ask him out. If he says "no", it doesn't matter. There are plenty of other people who would be interested in dating you.

    • I am working on improving myself, but I also don't want to be doing it for the wrong reasons. Like I'm not gonna change for a guy so that he'll like me, but yes I do agree with your opinion :)


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  • Just tell him this

    "Hey I think you're cute and we would make some really cute babies together. Let's go out some time". He'll think its funny and probably say yeah


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  • I used to be shy, but the minute I told myself that dating is not just being with someone and finding out more about them, it's also about learning about yourself. By dating people you can learn what a healthy happy relationship is for you and this will actually contribute you marriage. So put yourself out there :)

  • Ask him to go somewhere with some friends! Like, for example: "Hey, do you wanna go watch [movie] with me and some friends?" Ask a friend to bring their partner. Double date!