Girls, what are your opinions on a guy with "no filter"?

A lot of people say that I have a bad case of "having no filter" in the sense that I practically vomit my words out without thinking. Amongst this I have a fairly dark sense of humour.

I'm curious what are your opinions on somebody who has no social or speech filter?


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  • That is my husband lol. I actually have grown to appreciate it. He very much is a "don't ask if you don't want to really know" type but I always know where I stand with him and there is no wondering. Which makes things like "babe, does this outfit look okay?" better because I know he genuinely means what he says. I did ask him to calm it down slightly because it does seem rude at times to people who don't know him, but it's not him being rude, just honest.

    • Right? I say this makes me a better friend as I'll be blunt and won't lie to my friends!

    • Yes! Brutally honest lol. I actually appreciate it.

  • I don't mind someone with no filter because people tell me I talk too much, so at least you would never be sitting in awkward silence

  • I don't mind people without a filter but it's pretty stressful when those filterless people meet your family cause you never know whatso going to be said and how everyone else will react

    • I actually can't say I've thought of that.

      The majority of people I meet I get along with quite well, and I can SLIGHTLY control it when o need to, like interviews to an extent, it's just over time as I get comfortable or in informal sort of gatherings.