Guys, how many dates does it take for you to know you might want to commit to something long term?

Is there a specific time frame you give yourself or specific things you look for in a girl to know you would like to commit to them? Is it possible for those types of feelings to change overnight? How long does it typically take for a guy to know he might have found the right person for them?


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  • Rather than the number of dates, I need to know her for a few months at least. In fact, it doesn't matter even if we aren't officially 'dating'. If I get to know her deep, and if there is emotional and intellectual compatibility, I am willing to commit in a heartbeat. If she feels the same way, that is.

    You might say I'm a bit old-fashioned in this matter. Rather than date a bunch of women and test for compatibility, I'd rather prefer to get to know one woman well, make some compromises if required, and then commit.

  • Zero. I won't commit. I'll let a woman THINK I am, but in reality if she's not around and I have the opportunity to bang another attractive woman, I'm going to.