Long time between dates?

I just started dating a friend who it turns out has never dated or been in a relationship at 28. She's really sweet, smart, and spunky though! We decided to keep things from mutual friends until we see where it goes. With work and the holiday weekend, it was 9 days between dates. I thought she was blowing me off until she wrote me Wednesday to say "Let's go out again tonight since we're both free". I took her to dinner and a movie after work, and she spent the whole film in my arms. That said, she has a tendency to treat our date planning in stride as one more event. It's only comfortable and more intimate once on the date. I'm sure this is because she never dated. She has made reference to the third, unplanned date though, like saying we will have to both put away Pokemon Go for it. Lol. Faced due to scheduling issues with another possible 6-9 day gap between dates, or doing the third date as me visiting her while she house sits on Tuesday, does anybody have ideas on how to approach this or pace myself?


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  • Just don't be too clingy and don't kiss the ground she walks on.


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  • I think a lengthy time between dates is a good thing. It keeps things new, you have stuff to talk about, and you can possibly not feel as needy. I think you should stick with 6-9 days, especially since this is her first relationship.

    In terms of how you treat her, don't be too distant, and don't be too clingy either. Find a good inbetween.

    • We do work together also, so we see each other there. And Monday, she has a 2 hour round trip road trip planned with me and a few other friends. That's been in the works long before I asked her out so it's another case of we'll be around each other but don't get to date haha