Been almost 2 years since I had relationship, much less sex?

i only was in one serious relationship and he was my first and only man. We dated like 3 years in uni, and after graduation i got job, intern at different city. At first we had this long distance relationship going on but it's over. Now almost 2 years later, i still haven't had any sex. There where some dating going on but i'm not into casual sex. Now i'm 23 years old, my sex life is non existent. It's work, home, work, home. At weekend some drinking with colleagues thats all. I want to start new relationship, but it seems now i'm even more introvert in matter of dating. my sex life with my ex was hot, we had kinks, we had satisfactioning thing going on, but i can't seems to make first move toward new beginning. Any help? Tip to moving on?


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  • Uh, well, just throw yourself out there.


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  • Just start dating other people till you meet someone whom you may consider as relationship material.