Do some guys move slower with women? If so, what kind of guys, and how I can I tell if it's moving slow or disinterest?

I have beeen conversing with this guy online, we recently added each other on Facebook. I asked him out because I sense (I could be incorrect, who knows) that he doesn't get much girl action... He seems quiet, shy, I don't see girl interactions at all on Facebook, he was commenting on a photo to his friends how he hasn't showered in days and his hair was super messy... I don't know.. He lives on the road kinda too since he's in a band. He doesn't drive or work otherwise. Most of the guys I have talked with before are typically men who know how to play the field and are smooth with women because they have history with many women. I am THAT girl who always chooses the wrong guy, the one that's bad for me. But, he just does not seem like the player like dude I normally talk to or get asked out by. He's kinda hippy/punky/nerdy.

That said, I asked him out a week ago and he said he definitely would like to, however, he is very slow in scheduling something... He told me he was free this weekend, but then the weekend came and he gave me an excuse (it could be real, I don't know, a broken internet seemed fake).. And I told him to get back to me to plan something later, and it's been a couple days and he has not gotten back to me. I've seen him online multiple times. He told me he doesn't have a phone right now either since his broke, so he didn't take my number. My friend thought he was just really nervous and busy and will come around, and I need more patience... It's just normally I'm used to guys sweeping in and taking initiative super fastly. Does this sound like disinterest to you or should I wait around and let him come around?


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  • He has been online, and hasn't asked you out? He is either not interested or super shy. Try scheduling one more date, if he doesn't come around this time take it as he is not interested.

    • Yes he has been online. I searched "posts liked by his name" and he liked a few posts yesterday. My message is still "unread" but that's just him ignoring it I guess. I was thinking maybe he's busy and doesn't know when we could go out so he'll reach out to me when he knows for sure. But I don't know, I feel disheartened. I don't want to ask again especially since he hasn't opened my last message... I mean.. He can't be THAT shy


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  • Disinterest. Honestly you don't need that in your life. He doesn't work, doesn't drive, DOESN'T EVEN SHOWER. You don't need that. Like you said you always pick the wrong guy and that happened again. I'm sorry if this is harsh but really, you need to drop him, for your best interest. Don't waste your time with him. I highly doubt that he will make any or even barely any money of his little "band". Find yourself a good guy.

  • That means he's not interested