Girls, Is it weird that I'm more attracted to older guys (30ish) than I am to guys my own age?

I'm 19, but since I started college I've found myself more attracted to older guys than I am to those my own age. The vast, vast majority of guys 18 - 24 just seem to complete dickwads who have no clue how to be in a relationship. They're totally selfish. Even sexually, I think older guys (~30) are muuuch sexier, like they look like men rather than boys. Two of my gfs think I should give younger guys a chance and that my attraction to older guys is slightly off. Thoughts?


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  • i think its weird bc im attracted to youth. and as far as assholes there's plenty at any age its hard to find decent guys. thats true. and maybe older guys are better at being what they think you want till they get what they want. anyhow its not weird for you so why do you care what other people think? :)

    • I'm going to do what I'm going to do, so no, other people's opinions aren't changing what I feel.

  • No it`s not weird. There are plenty of girls who like older men. If you don`t feel anything towards younger men then i would advice you to go on a date with some older.