How to understand his misleading signs?

So I met a guy in a coffee bar, and since then we became friends and we actually now do have a mutual group of friends, the moment I saw that guy I felt attracted to him and day by day my attraction arises towards him but our relationship is still casual, we usually hangout as a group and talk on our group on whatsapp.
I feel that he gets the vibe I send or try to send to him, but he never made any move, meanwhile I feel he is also interested in me, the way he talks to me, text me, or even look at me when we're together.
The thing is I need to know if i only imagine him interested or is he really going to do something? And if there is any advice I would be thankful.

PS: I will leave the country in the next few weeks for a couple of months, and I seriously need an answer



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  • He might be a little shy or not sure what to do if he does like you. Normally I would just say start flirting with him a little, put your hand on his arm when you're talking and see how he reacts.. It's a good way to test if the feelings are mutual, if you're leaving in a few weeks ask him out beforehand, it doesn't have to sound like a date when you ask, but you can always make it one once you're together.

  • Sit next to him next time you're out as a group, see what he does. Try a little flirting and if he flirts back, game on.

    In person interaction is a lot more fun than playing with your phone, and you will get a clear picture if he's interested in you or not.


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  • Just be honest with him