Guys, How am I suppose to take this?

Back six months ago, I ended things with this guy. I tried to get back with him a MONTH later, but he was pissed off and was yelling at me. Told me to move on. I recently followed him snap chat again because he never unfollowed me. I hit him up asking how are you? He was short and said good. I then say well that's good, and I apologized for everything I did and told him I didn't want him to hate me. I just wanted his forgiviness. Then he said I don't hate you, don't worry
i then said alright cool. He said alright
then the convo ended
I don't know how to take this. As positive or negative.
What that truly means in guy language


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  • He probably used to hate you because you hurt him when you dumped him. A month after the break-up it was still fresh. Time heals things. He seem over you now. Happy with his life, maybe with a new girl. It means "I don't hate you. I'm fine without you".

    Love and hate are for people who are important to someone. You don't seem to be that important to him any more.

    "I don't know how to take this. As positive or negative." - Looks extremely neutral to me.

    Or course, I could be wrong about the guy-speak translation. Guy-speak is different in different guy-regions and even in the same region it may differ from guy-individual to guy-individual :)


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  • I feel like you still like this guy and want to get back with him. To be honest and I hate to be rude, if he's telling you to move on then move on. He's probably just telling you what you want to hear so you can leave him alone.

    • Lol why would he still hate me though

    • I don't know if he still hates you. I think he's probably trying to move on. You're still young you will probably have plenty of guys wanting to date you. Go out and find them instead of worrying about one.

  • He doesn't want you anymore. he's done he forgives yoh but thats it.

  • He said he forgives you. Dunno for what though. Nothing more

  • It's neutral. He's done with you, and you should move on.

    • Okay I just apologized
      That's all
      Don't assume

  • It's clear. No-one's looking at you for 6 months, and you're gonna to very humbly try to get him back.

    I'd find it amusing if I were him, maybe.

    • Not really
      All I did wa say sorry and haven't talked to him since

    • Was *