He says we're best friends? But he does not act like it.

There is this boy, and we are very good friends. We have so much stuff in common its crazy. He just got out of a 3 1/2 year relationship which the girl cheated on him and he says that he is done with girls. But the problem is that I care about him so much and love him to death. He kisses me and stuff, but says always be in his heart forever and always. I'm so confused. Because I care about him so much.


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  • He is on the rebound, using you to get overgirl friend, he might be tempted to get into a relationship to get over her, and possibly make her jealous or try and get back with her.


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  • tell him you have feelings for him but if he wants to date you he's gotta wait. if he's doing stuff like that now you're just a rebound. to make him feel better about himself and stuff like that. you don't want to b a rebound right? =] so tell him you like him but to not give you kisses and such because he's obviously not over her yet