What to do when you cannot fix problem with people?

I like a guy.
He doesn't want relationship.
He was talking to me and explaining to me he doesn't want relationship.

So we said be friends. So I talked to him like friends, but he doesn't really talk me back and seems like he doesn't want to be fiends either.

so I kept text him want to figure out what's going on.

now he totally stopped talking to me.


I tried to to fix it, try to become fabulous, to meet more people, people in his network, people famous in his field, I have tried really hard. He is very ambitious, so I invited him to my house party, there were full of people he wants to know in his field. But he didn't come... Didn't even reply my invitation.

I am out of ideas now... What should I do now? Or just do nothing and wait for him to react?


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  • He doesn't like you, he is not interested in you in at all. You can't make someone like you. It is very obvious to me that you are totally wasting your time with this guy. I would forget him and move on.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I went through a similar situation in high school. My guy friend assured me nothing would be awkward between us after I told him I liked him, and I took his word for it. Tried to be friends with him, and he proceeded to ignore/avoid me to the point where one day I finally asked him about it, and he blew up at me and told me I "wasn't in his world".
    He obviously doesn't want to be friends with you after all... it's like they say we can still be friends or whatever so they don't come off as assholes like they would if they were just HONEST and said "I don't feel comfortable being friends" or whatever. So take it from me when I say you're better off just leaving him alone. I had to learn the hard way, "if you feel avoided by someone, never bother them again." Move on to someone who actually wants to be in a relationship with you.


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  • What to do is move on. It's just not worth your time and effort.


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  • id have moved on a soon as he said lets be friends but didn't act like a friend. actually id probably move on as soon as i discover we want different things..

    he really seems to want distance. im sorry.

  • Wow someone's crazy!
    You went wayyyy too far girl! He doesn't like you!