Guys! Help! I think im losing my mind in emotions?

my baby daddy and I got into a huge fight. i said some ridiculously mean things that are true. I do 100% of everything for our child, he admits that, and yet he still chooses to be with some girl who has a kid. He makes me soooo mad!! well yesterday he told me that i was mad because he wants that other girl and not me, he said it twice. Why even throw that in my face. like its clear he has made choices to be with her. our child is only 3mths old, she needs him more than some dumb girl with a kid does.


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  • You're a turd, he's a turd. Poor kid's fucked in life.


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  • I personally dont think you're making it clear about what you're asking. If you want an analysis of him, I would say yea, he's definitely made it clear about who he wants to be with. But as far as the child, she comes first, if he doesn't know that let him know. Put ur petty ass arguments to the side for her sake