CALLING ALL YOU CRAZY GIRLFRIENDS, how would you deal with this?

So my boyfriend of over two years, is at an engineering camp for 10 more days. He's been there for a little while and has already caught the attention of a girl without meaning to.

On the very first day, she came over and introduced herself and asked what his name was and was flirting with him. Then later tried to add him on facebook, since he has no desire to be her friend and he knows that she wants to be more than just friends, he deleted the request.

But I kind of just want her to know I exist. He is quiet and tends to go the route of just answering her questions in conversation in as little words as possible and hoping that she gets the point, but he's too polite to be really firm.

Would it be crazy of me to add her on facebook or follow her on insta (one or the other)? I don't know her, but we do have mutual friends and she lives in the area so it wouldn't be suuper out of the blue. She's one of those girls that puts "SINGLE ❤️" in her instagram bio like she wants people to know it, too! *gag* (No offense if you do it, it's just that this girl has been going a bit overboard around my boyfriend and it just seems like she's the type of person that would mean it in that way.)


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  • Sure what the hell. Make sure you have like yourself and him in your pics and be like ohh I love my Boyfriend hahah. Go crazy lol


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes follow her or add her as long as you don't come at her first your good

  • Okay let's not get crazy now...