Signs a guy is Shy Vs Just not that into you?


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  • A shy guy will shy away from you more. A guy that is not into you won't shy away at all her will just stay there. A shy guy will fidget somewhat. A guy who is not into you might just stare off into space when you talk. If you go to touch a shy guy he will act even more shy and move away some what. A guy that is not into you will just boringly sit and take it.

    • That was really helpful! The guy who likes me shows all of these signs! So it means he's just shy?

    • O good glad that I could help.


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  • Lead him to a private place, grab his hand, and tell him you have a surprise for him if he closes his eyes. Now kiss him gently and look at his reaction.

    Voila -- you will most likely quickly find out if he likes you or not. Also you have some chance where even if he never liked you that way, he might after the kiss.

    If you want to figure out what a person feels about you, and especially in a tough case like a shy person who is almost impossible to read, best to do it through action rather than through conjectures of what they might be thinking.

    • I hope you're sarcastic because I'm pretty sure if anyone were to randomly kiss a guy the response would be negative.

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    • @crazy_eyes The girl who originally kissed me was not one I considered very attractive. She had kind of acne on her face, pale skin, dark hair, a tattoo over her bum (tramp stamp). At least she wasn't my "type". But I was a virgin and I was fantasizing about idolized images, not real women. I had never even kissed a real woman. After she kissed me, suddenly I was attracted to her. It's a huge risk -- but I think only a girl who I really found completely unattractive would have failed to have changed my mind with a kiss.

    • I still think it's a bit weird but I see your point.

  • That could be a tough one. Damn those stupid shy people for messing everything up. Why can't they just socialize normally?

    (I'm shy, it sucks)


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  • I don't believe there is a such thing as a shy guy. Only time a guy would be shy/nervous is if he approaches a girl he likes and he's literally on hard and sweating bullets because he doesn't know how the conversation is going to turn out. On the other hand if he's not into you then basically you'll see that he's not into you and you'll have the gut feeling also. If you have to ask yourself all the time "is that he's just isn't into me?" then 10/10 you're right ! he's not that into you as you thought he would be. A guy that is into you will give you his undivided attention and you would feel that his time is evolved around you. He can be busy and you know he is but he just wants to call you or text you, makes time for you, ask you out on dates, always wants to hear your voice etc. so many things. But you will also feel the interest in the atmosphere and you won't have to question anything about what he does towards you

    • I disagree with the 'there's no such thing as a shy guy'. My friend is absolutely crazy for this girl and has been for the last 3 years but just doesn't have the guts to approach her.

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    • Well he has been friends with this girl for 3 years, talks to her regularly, but he just doesn't have the guts to make a move on her because he is too shy and is inexprienced. He just doesn't know what to do or how to do it, he fears that he may even lose her as a friend if he does do something and it does kill him inside, bottling up all these feelings that he has for her.

      So I can say from experience that there is a thing called "shy guy" and he may even love a girl but would still not make a move on her. Yes, it would be pointless to wait for such a guy unless you can make a move yourself.

    • Ooohhh I see what you're trying to say. Makes a lot of sense now and a lot of situations like that occur where a guy and a girl are friends and then sooner or later one of them ends up catching feelings for one another.