Does My Shy Co-Worker Like Me?

We've known each other for about a month, and he talks to me more than his other co-workers. He's fairly withdrawn and I had to introduce myself to him because I passed him several times on our first day working together and got absolutely nothing out of him. He's stopped working to take his break when I'm taking mine on several occasions so we can eat together. We're facebook friends and talk outside of work. He doesn't initiate text conversations, but he responds enthusiastically. A co-worker apparently asked him about asking me out and his response was blushing and smiling. I asked him to go to the movies with me, and he said yes and seems excited about it. I'm probably overthinking this, but I thought I'd ask for some opinions since I feel like I'm getting some mixed signals and it's making me a bit nervous!


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  • Yeah he does like you


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  • Yeah he likes you :D
    I'm jealous i don't have the nerve to ask a guy out haha. If you dont mind me asking how'd you ask him? So i can have a idea in mind

    • Honestly, I just texted him and asked if he wanted to do something on a night we both got off work at the same time. But I'm also very much of the mindset that I don't sit around and wait for things. I also know that since both of us are kind of on the shy end of the spectrum, if I didn't make a move, nobody was. So I just swallowed the fear and went for it.


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  • I think he does.

    • thank you! i think it just confuses me because he comes off a bit awkward. but maybe it's just a matter of him having to be more comfortable with me.