Guys, He's newly single and not ready, should I keep talking to him?

He's only been single for a few days.
Weve been friends for a few months and have spoken about how we both have feelings.
We spent yesterday together and had the best time, after I said if its too soon we can take a break.
He said ok because he doesn't want to go straight into another relationship.
We agreed we wouldn't see each other for a bit but still wants to talk, today he said he missed me.

Is it best if we don't talk at all? Or should I keep speaking to him and see what happens?
I'm worried about waiting for him to be ready and getting hurt


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  • He broke up a few days ago. Of course he's not ready. And if he said he was, most likely you'd be his rebound (unless of course he had 0 feelings for his ex). You guys can still talk, but just keep in mind that yes, you could get hurt (he could get back together with his ex, or he could see someone else). But drifting fully away is code for him that you don't like him.

    It's a tough decision, but if he's not ready, you aren't ready either. You shouldn't cut contact, but his status shouldn't prevent you from enjoying yourself.

  • If you really like him, of course keep talking to him. But... don't let your feelings for him get the best of you. Stay in reality if you know what I mean? Can be hard to do but just stay grounded. Getting hurt is a risk that's always going to be there, you just have to decide if he's worth that risk to you.

  • he might not be ready to date rate away but nothing wrong with keeping in touch with him so he knows your an option when he's ready