My 25 year old boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago. We were fighting a lot and he moved out, but refused to take his tv, computer etc, and still has our photo on facebook. 2 weeks ago, he has been working out of town and told me that he wants to see me, loves me, wants to start fresh... he got back last week and now changed his mind, and is bringing up our old fights. He stopped communicating, and told me that he is busy and I need to be considerate... I asked him to take his personal things and he blocked me, won't talk to me, but likes my posts on Facebook? WHY the sudden change of heart on making things work?


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  • How can he like your posts on facebook if he blocked you?

    • He blocked me on messenger, but we are still fb friends.

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  • This is pretty black and white.

    He's leaving stuff with you so he has an excuse to come back to you.

    The past fights? An excuse not to talk to you. Likely there's someone else at the moment.

    - Suggestion: Pack up his shit and take it to his relative or a close friend (like childhood best friend)

    • He has our photo on fb, and has been working so much- doubt that there is someone else. This is why i am confused.

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    • Thank you for MH. Hope it work (s/ed) out

    • Thanks so much!

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