Why is he lying and hiding things?

So me and my man have been together for a year. Every month or every other month there is another situtation popping up but I have yet to prove he's cheated on me, persay... this last situation just happened and I'm fed up and overwhelmed with the repetativeness of it all. He messaged a girl on facebook saying "can we be on speaking term? It's been a really long time." Then not knowing I had seen it, deleted it. I got mad and asked him why he deleted it and what he was hiding because like I said this is not the first or even the second time. He said that he was going to talk to her but hen thought better of it. We left it at that. The very next day he messaged her saying hi. She said they would catch up that night she's just busy. She never messaged him and the next night he messaged her again "sooo.." she asked what he said "just thought you changed your mind" if he had thought better of it, why did he continue to try to talk with her? What the hell is he up to? I can't hamd the secrets please help with any insight! Oh also I'd like to add that he gets so upset when I bring things like this up and tries so hard to convince me he loves me and has stated "you push me away when you put walls up and question everything I do. I think you are looking for a reason to throw what we have away. Whoever he/or she (i am bi) is, If I find out, I will kill somebody because without you there is no me" stating he thinks there's someone else and im trying to push him away which isn't true, but this statement definitely makes me think he has very strong feelings for me so then im even mre confused if he's not cheating or trying to cheat then what is he hiding?


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  • Actions speak louder than words. If he is getting upset when you ask him that js not ok. Its not like you guys are new to dating, you should be past this kind of stuff, im not sayigg it to be mean... im just being honest. What he is doing is very immature. He shouldn't be thinking of other girls. It is very rude behavior and what he is doing is very wrong... lying to you, trying to make you feel guilty... every woman deserves better than that. Im not saying to breakup with him, thats not what im saying at all. But i do think you need to discuss with him that you both should never lie to eachother. If he doesn't believe that, then maybe you have biggeer problems. And if he truly feels sorry for it and admits his faults dont fall for it at first. Wait a little, dont show that everything is perfectly fine again right away. Give it some time, and if he is truly sorry for hurti you that way, then he will never talk to her again.. and then you will know that it is real. Because actions speak louder than words

    • I have done all this. It was ok. Then this happened sooo... yeah...

    • Oh, i see... well, if he can't change... and if you dont think its something you can live with, which i dont blame you for... its pretty terrible. Then maybe you need to rethink your relationship with him.

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  • He is trying to cheat on you. Wake up. What more evidence are you looking for?