Do you ever feel like your depression gets to a point where you want to walk away from a great relationship?

my relationship is great I can shout from the rooftops how happy I am. Everyone around me sees how happy I am when I am with him. But he is going through a divorce and I give him space but we see each other all the time on a schedule. It is just that our dates are weekly and today my depression was getting to me and I wanted to give up on that. He is the best guy ever he treats me like a princess I feel blessed every moment to the point of teary eyed. Yet this depression and the time leading up to our next date. I want to throw in my cards like the depression magnifies all this and as great as this is all I feel is the bad. The bad is me keeping my mouth shut not rushing him waiting till our next date. Our days together I get his full attention and I feel adored.

Thanks for your thoughts. I communicated a bit with him today. Thursday's are hard cause I have waited 4 days to see him but by tomorrow I will be excited again. Just giving him time to focus on his work an mad his kids I don't want to pressure him so I mentioned those concerns here


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  • i can relate to most of everything you've said, i have major depression issues so i have walked away many times.. i guess my advice to you would be to let him know how why when you get depressed, since, it sounds like the depression sounds like it is caused by when you two are apart?


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  • I can totally relate. I suffer from extreme depression, and I have always had problems with relationships. That's the reason I have decided to seek out only depressed women. I think it's only people suffering from depression, who are capable of understanding what other depressed people go through,


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