What is the point of having?

I was chilling with my older brother the other day and I noticed he doesn't have any female friend. I went to visit him from another states and he will have different girls over his place and I asked him why he doesn't have any female friends. he said he had 2 or 3 girl friends couple months ago which he ended friendship because of them complaining non stop about who did this or that, getting jealous, playing mind game with his personal life and he doesn't know the purpose to have them around. few girls want to be his friend but he will say no to all of them, I remembered one incident where he told a girl "us being friends is meaningless because I don't want to deal with your bullshit dilemma, I don't want to hear you complaining how men are asshole or jerk, to me you can only fit one of two categories either you are fuck buddy or girlfriend material. if you don't fit any of that category, and I have no interest being friend with". That was the coldest response I have heard someone saying that to a girl... Any thought guy, girls, what's the point of having a female platonic friend.


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  • For me it is not about the gender of your friends, but what kind of friends they are.


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  • I was like 'wow' when I was at 'bullshit dilemma', dang judgmental generalizing guy, your brother