Awkward? I noticed he was getting a little flirty.

OK so this just happened. A guy that my friend likes and is talking to started chatting with me on Facebook. I noticed he was getting a little flirty ("you can text me later, if you can't sleep", "y are you single") and quickly tried to get out of the conversation. The question is, should I tell my friend? I love her but I don't want her to get mad at me. =(

P.S. I don't like the guy, but I don't like that he was trying to flirt with me when he's interested in my friend. And I don't want her to get played by a guy that likes to flirt and is gonna hurt her.


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  • I might show her the messages he sends you so she see's it with her own eyes. The guy is likely to try and turn it around if there is no proof. Its a good idea to tell her, this guys is obviously just a d***bag hitting on a girl who likes him best friend. So, be a good friend!


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  • depends on how far you gonna go,if you gonna leave it at that then na don't tell her but if you gonna persue it probably best to get that out there.

  • she has no right to get mad at you anyway, he's hitting on you, not the other way around, if she really gets mad she is the immature one and needs to get real. as far as telling her, idk, I guess you should.


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