When is it too late to cancel on a date?

When is it considered too late to cancel/reschedule a date? Is there a difference between a first date, and any other date?

Will give out MHO :)

  • Less than 1h before the date.
    31% (4)17% (2)24% (6)Vote
  • Between 2-5h before the date.
    31% (4)17% (2)24% (6)Vote
  • Between 5-12h before the date
    8% (1)8% (1)8% (2)Vote
  • Between 12-24h before he date.
    15% (2)42% (5)28% (7)Vote
  • Between 24-48h before the date.
    15% (2)0% (0)8% (2)Vote
  • Other; please comment.
    0% (0)16% (2)8% (2)Vote
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What Guys Said 1

  • Definitively the closer to the time of the date the worse it will be so less than an hour is what I would say

    • if he cancels, how can I tell if he's really busy, or just not into it?

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    • Sounds honest, could be something came up for real at the last minute since he did reschedule

    • Ok, thanks :)

What Girls Said 1

  • To be honest if the date is in the evening I would appreciate if they were going to cancel if they let me know in the afternoon, therefor that leaves him room to make other arrangements.