Does anyone ever have an urge to just kiss someone?

I know this is kind of a weird question, but for some reason when I'm around people guys, and sometimes girls! I have this sudden urge to just grab them and shove my tongue down their throat, do you ever have this feeling?

Weird I know :(


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  • yeah I know how you feel. I have that urge sometimes

  • It's just your stupid hormones, I'm sure you'll settle down eventually.

  • Yes, but only of course certain people.

    And only at particular times.

    Like during intense eye contact.

    Because it's human nature that if two people hold eye contact for too long, they're either going to have to kiss, break eye contact, or punch each other. Something has to happen.

  • Well at least you only get the urge around girls and 'people' guys. It'd be quite odd if you got such an urge around males that weren't people. We all have to resist the temptaions that arise from our hormones at some point.

    • Temptations o.O

    • Lol yeah I made a typo, ha.

  • well with the girls I date, yes.

  • Not weird. That's just your inner cave-person. Everybody has one.

  • all the time! its hard to resist!

  • Absolutely! Not guys lol, but girls. Just for fun!

  • omg yes I do I want one right now your not alone!

  • Just act on your urge, I'm sure no one would mind, you're pretty good looking. :)

  • Not weird at all.

    I am male, but men or women, if our faces are close together, and I like the person, I feel the magnetism to kiss. No urge to go all tongue or anything, though, just the tenderness and show of affection of a plain kiss.

    I wonder if this is normal, but I expect it is.

    Has anyone else experienced this magnetism when you get close to another person's face, male or female?

  • Yeah I know what you mean...looking at your photo I get that very same feeling ;) muah!


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  • LOL LOL! Funny question. If I am attracted to the guy, yeah, in my mind he and I are up against the wall getting our groove on. Never thought about kissing a female but in my mind I've knocked a few people out...both male and female :).

  • Yupp. At the worst times too.

  • YEAH, that's weird. You should think about getting that checked out. lol but then maybe it is normal, everyone else seems to be agreeing with you. I've never felt that way. Odd, and I consider myself to be a very sexual person.

  • yea have wanted to with a few people its normal I guess