Asking a girl out?

so this girl I met on a trip I like. We have mutual friends. But she was dating someone at the time. Any way they broke up. I don't have her number. But I asked her on Facebook if she was talking or seeing anyone and she said no. What's the best way to ask her out over Facebook since I don't have a number?


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  • Would you consider asking her in person? I'm sure she would really appreciate it! But if you prefer Facebook, say what you feel comfortable saying. you can be direct and just ask her if she'd be interested in dating, or you can tell her how you feel and leave the door open for her to decide. Good luck!

    • I would but she lives 45 minutes away and we don't see each other on a regular basis.

  • Just be completely upfront and ask her.

    • Do I just say you want to go out this day or time?

  • ask her in person

    • She lives 45 minutes away so we don't see each other.

    • ohhhhh lol sry then ig you should ask her over Facebook.

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