Ladies, would you date a guy who was 5+ years older than you?

Guys can answer this too I guess - would you date a woman 5+ years older? Also if you are into the same sex (like I am - I have a gf) do you think the rules apply differently? (like do you have an age limit for guys that is different from girls) And why/why not? What is the appeal to you?

I just answered a question relating to age, but it made me think of my friends who date people much older. The friends I am talking about are my age - 20. I have three girl friends who are dating guys in their 30s. I just don't get it. I've talked to them about it and they have varying opinions. Anything from "older guys are better in bed" *gag reflex* to "they are more mature." I knew a guy who was into older women and he said the same things. I don't know I just think that half the time it's them thinking that they are more mature than they really are. To actually say something like "I won't date a guy who is under 28" (yeah one of my friends said that) when you are like 20 is kind of off. I mean I get that a lot of guys our age are kind of stupid but I've met a lot of immature stupid adults. In fact I don't really think all that much changes as the years go on. You do what needs be done like be responsible for bills and everything but essentially I really do think that the character generally stays the same unless you have some life changing traumatic experience. I just have known too many ignorant, immature older people to agree with them. Plus I'm 20 - I'm still a kid in my mind and so are they. You're in totally different places in your lives and sometimes I wonder what the attraction could possibly be. Which is why I tend to think older men are using these young naive girls. In the cases of some people I know -you're dating someone who was in high school when you were a fetus. Ew.

Idk what are your opinions/experiences? :)


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  • i'm wondering the same thing.. there are some girls that seem to show interest in my (being 24) but the girls are 19.. and I don't really know what to do..

    however if an older girl approached me (say.. 28 or 29) I think I'd totally be willing to date her not because of her age, but personality.. older than 30.. ehh.. maybe not so much.. but that's just me.. I'm like on the verge of asking this 19 year old out but I'm a bit unsure still.. I don't kno what other people have to say about this..


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  • Everyone has their own tastes, depends on the individual, I have been attracted to older women it wastn their age it was the personality and physical attraction...


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  • yeah why not. I'm about your age, 20. many 20 year old guys I meet play immature games and aren't intending to be faithful, and a lot don't know how to treat a girl. a lot of guys our age are using girls too