How do you know if you should ask a girl out?

What do you want to look for to know if it is worth it to ask her out and minimize the chance of rejection?


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  • hey there, feel free to private message me if you want to have a conversation about this. i am not able to because i haven't yet reached expert level.

    • you could befriend her and ask her to join you on group outings to get a better feel for her personality

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    • you can't always know. but some signs would be that you catch her looking at you, smiling at you, acting nervous, etc.

    • again, this conversation can continue on private messaging as it can go on for awhile

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  • You want to absolutely minimize the chance of rejection? Never talk to a girl, never ask a girl for a date, never be unfaithful to your right hand, never take a chance.

    Don't worry about the chance of rejection. You never know whether she might say yes and if you assume otherwise, you could be bypassing an excellent opportunity. Allow yourself to become inured to rejection and you will develop self-confidence. (I know it sounds paradoxical but it is true.)

    • Never talking is not an option. I just want the risk to be low because I am shy.

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    • If you have NEVER been on a date, then you should ask a girl with whom your odds of success are a little greater. Do you attend a church? If so many churches have singles groups which are a great way to meet single ladies who will not be so demanding and judgmental.

    • I might need to try that.


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  • There is always a risk. Saying that you want to minimize it is another way of saying your not in it. And it's not attractive to anybody, male or female. Your saying your not willing to take chances. And that you'll back down when theirs always a problem, because your unwilling to fix it. No offense. But that's the truth. Relationships are about pursuits. And there are plenty of people who are shy, but are able to get a relationship. Your just making it an excuse. I'm sorry, but unless she does the asking, your left to figuring it out.

  • No risk = no reward :P


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