Why do girls mainly get mad when their guy friend gets a girl friend, and favors her?

like this is something I see a lot. a guy and a girl are friends and they may hang out and etc. then one day the guy gets a girlfriend , and the female friend gets mad when things aren't like they were before.

he's not talking to her much
he's not hanging with her much

and etc.

like I hear girls who get mad that their friend is trying to be a decent boyfriend to his girlfriend just cause they aren't getting attention.

meanwhile these girls would flip out if their boyfriend spoke to any girl that's not them. huh?

why the double standard.


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  • That is simply just them. But for me, I would feel a bit lonely not mad. Because your friends with them and you do a lot of things together as friends. Your like family, and when you share a lot in common naturally your going to feel a bit replaced. The only reason why I might get upset, is because he will make her seem far more important then me. I can understand if she doesn't like it because I'm a bad influence from the start, like I party everyday, lax on the job, messing around with every and anybody with no responsibility, etc. But if I'm being a real friend, and you disregard me as one, I'm going to cut ties with you. I don't need to emotionally invest in somebody as a friend who is going to replace me or make me feel unwanted. Especially when I make sacrifices for you as a friend. I'm not jealous of anybody or her. If there is no communication and you don't even bother to invite her over to hang out so that we can bond, it lets me know he has something to hide. And if he's having something going on with her that I don't approve of, I would rather just leave. I want no part of it. And this is just out of respect for them.


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  • Getting 'mad' when your friend of the opposite sex starts dating someone is not exclusive to girls. I've experienced it with plenty of guys both ways, whether it be a guy friend who got mad when I started dating my boyfriend, or when my boyfriend got mad when I'd hang out with a guy friend who I'd been 'just friends' with for over a decade.

    I see no double standard. It's a behaviour common to humans, not only females or only males.

    • in all seriousNess I never seen a guy (who had no feelings towards the girl ) act like that. hence why I left guys off. it's always the girls who act like this in my experience

    • 'it's always the girls who act like this in my experience'.
      'always' and 'in my experience' used in the same sentence? What an impressive contradiction.

  • Because they're attention whores.


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  • Their women they have all sorts of double standards. She gets mad at the guy because she misses him. Both emotionally and physically.

  • The fear of competition strikes again! The friend's relationship with the guy just changed. She could fear his new girlfriend will not approve of him having a girl as a friend.

  • girls are posessive