Does he like me? do I reply? help?

I've been seeing one of my coworkers, we work diff departments but one day he randomly started coming to mine and talking to me, we exchanged numbers and started hanging out and going on dates. His 3 years older than me (i'm about to be 20 in a couple of weeks & his 23), he graduated college & is now looking at gradschools. He works sunday-thursday & sometimes fridays right? However, I didn't know he was related to this girl I used to be beyond close with (he was always busy with lax when we were friends). We went from talking all day etc, and we made plans for this past weekend and I didn't hear a word from him since Friday morn, he came up to me at work acting as if nothing happened & was all lovey dovey. So of course I just ignored him because I was hurting.. So he kept texting me at work asking "why I was being salty?" & I texted him saying I said sorry after calling him out on it & said it "does make my day to seeing/talking to you." He replied to me saying "I appreciate that, & the fact a good looking girl like yourself is interested in me is pretty awesome, I have certain priorities atm & I'm sorry if you feel that I didn't give you the attention you deserve."

*we also said we didn't want a relationship with anybody, and he says all things a boy who does want a relationship says and acts on it to. ( like holding my hand, flirting, making me feel comfortable, were all huggy too.)


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  • He doesn't sounds like he likes you


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  • He definitely doesn't like you. Sorry.