Can I be mr steal your girl?

I've had a crush on this girl for years who's a close family friend and she knows but right now she has a boyfriend who is going into college (we're seniors in hs). She keeps giving me little signals (going to movies together/art exhibits/quick sideways glances/taking professional pictures together/etc.) but then all of a sudden they go away and the mixed signals start. How can I make her my girlfriend if she has boyfriend and keeps sending these mixed signals?


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  • By leaving her alone so her relationship can do whatever it's going to do. If she likes you and wants to be with you then she'll end her current relationship. If she doesn't then you need to move on.


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  • NEVER try to steal someone's girlfriend. Also, if she is the kind of girl who allows herself to be 'stolen', then someone else will steal her from you in the future.

    So stop pursuing her, and find a single girl instead.


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  • Just tell her how you feel. If she is a close familly friend and likes to be with you than it's going to be much easier :) If you tell her how you feel she will be with two options:
    1) She will tell you that she likes you but still wants to be with her boyfriend..
    2) She will leave her boyfriend to be with you (if she really likes you)
    But if she keeps sending you mixed signal i'll tell you to go for it..

  • Pretty sure you'd be violating bro code there. That's a serious issue. Anyways bro code or not don't do it unless she's single it's shitty. You can tell her how you feel and let her make a decision but besides that stay platonic


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