Seeing each other after a month, is that too late?

I'm not sure how to put this this but if you've been seeing someone for about a month and a half in this case and it's great, there's chemistry and you like each other. But something happens, like lack of communication and you start drifting apart, when is it too late to fix it? Since it's such short amount of time you haven't been able to properly bond it's easier to move on in my opinion. It's been a whole month since I met him in person and a week since I talked to him. Three weeks since I had a proper conversation.. Feels like it's too late to save since time's just running out. I mean you have to keep things going or else it will fade.


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  • Good question. I do tend to move on, but it is sad sometimes.

  • If you still think it can be fixed, you should attempt it. Also, try to discuss things with him.