Long distance texting?

I've been texting a guy who lives a few hours away after we met briefly. I feel like we are running out of Things to talk about and we won't be able to hang out for at least a few more weeks. Should I try to continue communication or just leave it up to him to contact me when he comes to town?


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  • A couple hours difference isn't much. I'm always afraid, when her responses are just casual, and we never really talk about anything really personal, but I REALLY LIKE HER!!
    Sometimes we connect on some messages she posts, or I do, and then we share a few messages, privately. I just want to get to KNOW HER, and more than just the superficial, but I am afraid to press, too much!! She's younger, and maybe unsure of my intents, but I don't know enough about her to know if I HAVE INTENTS!! I know she is REALLY CUTE, but shy, and I was shy, so I know how hard it can be.
    If you are running out of topics, maybe just put something really unexpected out there, and see how he responds?
    I'm not sure what, for you, but surprise him, and see how he responds.
    I was thinking about that, something like it, with the one that I am kind of liking, A LOT!! :)


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  • few hours isn't generally too bad, now 12 is where it gets bad haha. I don't know texts tend to get stale, you kind of have to keep up a bit at least every few days to keep up interest I guess.

  • I was texting with someone who was 30 minutes away (I haven't' met them) we're both so busy and didn't talk for like 4 days. It died out.

  • At least he does not lives at a different country lol


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