Only sex? Or is he just trying to proses everything?

Been chatting to this guy for 2 months day in and day out. We slept together and everything seemed fine. The evening went out dancing and he told all of his friends about me and they all were staring at me the whole time. After I left his place he texted to ask if I was okay and stuff. He also would of come with me to a dance and then said that one of his best mates are having their birthday that same day. And I said well I would rather go to the party that the dance. He also said that he has an huge assignment due next month so we won't be talking a lot. But the night I went out and he just seemed more distant and weird over the phone? I asked his yesterday if it was his intention to just to use me and the leave but he said no he's just really busy ens. But I feel very incecure and it seems as if he's just used me and now trying to get out of it? We use to text mornin in and out and he wil send me images of this that remind him of me... But right now I'm sooooo confused? Help? Like is he flucking out or just really busy?


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  • I'd advise you to do this. Use resistance, don't text him or all him or even think about it for a good while. Since he's busy, become busy too and do that and watch his response to what you're doing. And From there trust your own judgement to see whether he just wanted to fuck you or he likes you for who you are

  • Yup, guys using women. The story of the modern man. Feminism turned men into fuck boys


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