Guys, Why guy doesn't make a move after a nice first date?

Before I start to go out with him. He shows his interested by using his employee's card to give me a discount from the food that I buy at the restaurant where he's working. He bring me a cup of water that I didn't ask for when I was so tired from work and stop at the restaurant to grab a bite. And it was how we first met and how I appreciate how nice he is.

I had a date in a town that I'm working in for just a month. He first ask me out for hiking. We went for a short hike then grab a super easy menu to eat then when back before sunset. Everything went like a good start friendship. He doesn't bother me with personal questions at all and he smile and laugh a lot. I feel like this is a good friendship and that is how I want it to be from the first start. We were not toughing each other but we were enjoy and engaging each other conversation very well. Nothing sexual or either uncomfortable feeling. It went really smooth. He introduce me to couple of his friend while we accidentally meet them during our date. At the end of the date I start to say "I'm better going back to my place" because I knew he has to leave to work in 30 minutes. Then he say "Well, you have my number and you know where to find me. I also know where to find you. Have a good night" I then wait for his text 2 days but it was nothing happen. So the 3rd day I text him to thanks for the ($6) food and the hike because I for got to thanks him at the end of the date. But he give me no responds. Could it be the fact that I'm leaving the town in 1 month? But I don't understand why... because he asked me out when he already knew that I will be here only a month. All I want from him is a good friendship first because we can't do anything further at this moment. I honestly think I could move to live in this town if he worth it because I come here every summer.


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  • He wasn't interested in going any further than the first date. Maybe something you said in your conversation with him.

  • they got enough