When guys are total hypocrites? Did I do something?

Met a guy. First date i hated him w a passion. He talked non stop asked no questions and smacked me on the bum. But i figured maybe he was nervous. He seemed nervous so i gave him a second chance. Date 2. We had dinner and drinks. He was funny and entertaining. Went back to his place and made out. Nothing more than kissing. I was wearing heels and he made me wear his shoes home. I tried to give them back but he said i had to keep them so i would see him again. So he texts me. I always respond. He asked when i was free again. I tell him a day before i vaca for a week and he says he's leaving town that day for fun. Ok... He never suggests another day. So he keeps texting and i keep texting back. Just back and forth. Sometimes im flirty sometimes i ask seroous questions. Yada yada. But i never text him first. Just responding, because id like to see him again. Today i ask a question about something he texts and he says i am so negative. I just didn't understand and asked "do you mean this or something else?" i just wanted clarification so i could understand him. He tells me he can't stand all the texting (i haven't texted once unsolicited) and wants to talk. I say i prefer face to face too and he should just ask me out with a date and time. He picks the one day im on a plane elsewhere. He seems almost angry and disinterested. I was dissapointed. I told him i was free this day, this one and another few in the future. He said something about acquiring several companies, being busy and not being able to committ to a date. I'm so confused. I left it at "well you know my sched now. If you give me notice it would be fun to set something up." The end. I don't plan on texting again. But wjy do i feel confused? Did i do something? Please advise...


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  • This man is either:

    -Extremely stressed

    - Seeing someone new

    - Feeling as though you're not interested in him and is pushing you away

    ^^ None of these are excuses for that attitude.

    * Call it quits and let him go.


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  • Sounds like you found yourself a, "Mr. Control Freak".

    • This was my initial concern. I mean he asked twice when i was free unsolicited by me and when i told him he didn't suggest an alternative saying my sched is more complicated. Then he gives up because I'm headed on vaca the day he finally suggests? Maybe im better off. Still... I dont get it

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    • Yes. I know part of the allure is it was a mate i knew from youth and i had had a crush on him. But clearly the adult version is not crish worthy. Disappointing but certainly npt devastating

    • People do change. I did a People Finder search on the wildest lover of my life and found her. She lived about a half hour's drive away. She had a job booking entertainers and would sometimes go watch them. She invited me to go to one. She was still good at sex. However, some of the tiger she had was gone. And I also noticed that dent around her finger from a wedding ring. She forgot to mention that part. That has always been a huge No No for me. By the time I noticed it we had already began doing our "happy dance" together. Lesson learned. Ask first and also look at her finger. The last thing I need is a pissed off husband coming for me with a weapon.

  • You won't die or world won't turn if you text him first to show that you are a little interested.


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  • you are still dating at 37?