How to get rid of a guy from your life that keeps hurting and disrespecting you?

I was in a bad Relationship with a guy that I kept taking back even though he continued to hurt me and disrespect me multiple times of and on for about 2yrs. (I know after the 2nd time it was my fault for taking someone back I know would only hurt and disrespect me) I was loyal and committed to him and only him and never disrespected him. I even stopped talking to make friends and cut them off for him. When I took him back for the fourth time I let him stay with me but finally after he kept talking to an Ex girlfriend after I told him I didn't like it and he disappeared for a week without even contacting me I decided to put his things out my apartment and ghost him. I believe he changed his number and deleted or no longer has my number because Now he's showing up to my apartment and I don't know why. I don't answer the door for him but usually people will text/call you and say please open the door or we need to talk not continually knock. I just act like I'm not home. I'm not opening the door for him because I want NOTHING to do with him anymore... What should I do?


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  • If you think he could be a potential danger to you, talk to your local police and/or file a restraining order. If you don't think he's a danger, next time he comes around, answer the door and tell him that he needs to leave you alone or you will take further action to prevent him from coming to your apartment anymore.

  • If he wanted you to cut contact with your friends that is classic sign of an abuser. Now stalking? Keep record of it and maybe even put up cameras and go to the police about it.