Am I Ruining my Relationship?

Ok so I have a boyfriend and in the beginning we texted a lot.. And it was mostly him that did it. I never really started it cause I was scared to make a move I guess. But we also saw eachother in school basically everyday so we didn't really need to text. Well now its summer and we haven't been texting as much cause he's always busy and about the only times we text is for like 10 min in the morning and at night cause he's usually tired. But in between the day I text him kind of a lot.. I try not to but I have so much to tell him. We always say I love u and gn but I feel like he's just getting bored of me and I don't know what to do and if I'm doing things right. Help?😕(also we r both 16)


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  • age is no excuse, if you truly love someone you show it, guy or girl, that goes for when your actually together in a bf/gf relationship.
    you girls gotta learn to get out of that "play dumb and innocent" routine because its a total turn off. guys are not going to fix that for you. or do everything and yes guys get turned off and bored when girls lack and refuse to initiate things. if you girls are even capable of "love" (sarcasm) but you say you text him a lot, thats good. because girls control relationships more than guys can.


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  • Well, maybe you should cut down on the texting. I have done it before, and it didn't help at all with my crush on this guy. Try to actually met up face to face, and maybe go to the mall, movies, or you could just grab a bit, together. Do that often, and maybe that will help.