A guy that said he likes spending time with me stopped texting me?

So I recently known this guy for 3 weeks. We went on 2 dates. Each of him initiating. He texts me everyday saying good morning when he wakes up.. even today. The past two weeks he texted me everyday.. every hour. On our dates we held hands, sent cute messages, and talked on the phone. He said he wanted to find someone to invest in and he wanted to be more than friends with me. However, today he just stopped replying. I'm concerned something happened to him. But I also noticed that he was at a lake with a girl. Now I'm a little heartbroken. Kind of feeling worthless as well. I opened up when I was scared to due to a past relationship. I had just gotten back into dating and this happened. I haven't ate all day. I already talked to him last night and I don't want to seem crazy and clingy by asking him each time what do you want. But it seems like he's beating around the bush. What should I do?


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  • It's a lesson that you don't give your heart away too soon. Give it a rest and be good to yourself, you always got you. :)

    • I tried not to...
      I thought he was sincere... Even my friends thought he was sincere and they are really good at pointing out which guys are players. But I guess not.

    • Ya it hurts, but eventually the right person comes along.

  • Give him space. Message me I'm in a similar situation.


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