Guys, Does it take you longer to realize that you're in love?

So I was reading an article about this subject that guys fall in love faster than women but take a longer time admit their feelings or say those three words to the woman they love. The article also stated how women admit their feelings first and that men took a longer time than them to admit their feelings.


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  • Yes... I watched a movie with a perfect quote.
    This guy was talking to his best mate and says "I think I love her" and his friend tells him...
    Don't fuck around bro, if you really love this girl and can't live without her then marry the girl. Don't fuck around. This shit is real.

    Guys need to make sure they are... because girls say it all the time. It is a big deal for us to mean it. If they say it right away its just infatuation.


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  • exactly. i liked this girl for like 3 months and didn't tell her for about a year
    broke up with her after 3 days :^)

  • No.. To me I know it straight away