He doesn't want me but nobody else can have me?

well I met this guy and straight away he started telling me he's into me and he wants me im sexy beautiful all that bullshit, we made out that's all. his actual intention was to have sex but I won't have sex until im married so I was like nope sorryyy and then I find out he's got a girlfriend, so basically he cheated on his girlfriend with me and apparently does this a lot, I didn't know this because id just met him and that's fine me and him weren't nout anyway but what really annoys me is we live in the same town and I see him around a lot and he'll just come to me and put his arm around and make little jokes and im just like erm can you get away from me but he doesn't move, he's got a girlfriend and he knows I know but still try it on with me, and whenever his mates try to get onto to me he gets jealous and says 'been there done that' but all he's done is made out with me which is nothing so I don't get what his problem is?


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  • Get away from him. No one has the right to demand you remain available just for their own good.

  • This guy is an asshole


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