My girlfriend deletes her messages?

I don't really go through my girlfriends phone often at all but the couple times I have, her messages with her best friend (who she texts all the time) are always freshly deleted.

Like their messages will start 2 days ago like she deleted them 2 days ago.

Should this concern me?


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  • It seems fishy, sure.. but there could be a good reason why it happens.. speaking from experience-- is your girlfriends phone constantly at max storage? Like too many pictures or too many songs or games and she gets the "Your phone storage is almost full" message? And does her and her best friend send gifs or pictures to each other all the time? In that case I've done it myself, messages take up space, especially those with any type of media in them, so I'll delete the entire conversation. Not because there's anything to hide, just because I need more room in my phone.

    • She told me that's the reason she deleted them when I asked her about it a couple months ago but it's only the messages between her and her friend

    • Yea, that's pretty normal. I only delete certain conversations that I have a lot of pictures. If she talks to her friend every day then likely that's the biggest text file conversation she has.

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  • sounds fishy to me. this should concern you and you should find out whats going on


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  • maybe or she may talk about some secret things

    • We've been dating for almost a year and we live together. She tells me everything. Even if it's about her friends. So it's kind of unusual

    • Everybody has some things to hide

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  • Yes. This is very concerning. Obviously she's deleting messages. Why? Because she's hiding something. From who? You. What is she hiding? That's what you gotta find out.

    But honestly man, take my life motto and guide it with your life. TNO. Trust No One.

  • That does qualify a suspicion. It's only the messages with her best friend and no-one else that she deletes, right?