Is sleep talking the same as "Drunk actions are sober thoughts?

My boyfriend and I talk on the phone most nights (long distance relationship) and sometimes he falls asleep on me. The next mornings he always says he doesn't remember our conversations. I dont mind, he's just talking half asleep. Thats the time he gets really lovey though. he's has this thing about falling in love, told me before that he doesn't plan on doing it till he's middle aged, doesn't think itll happen to him, that kind of stuff. We say "I love you" but its different for him, Im in love with him, but he means it differently... I think. Now I'm confused. A couple times when he was sleepy he says that he's IN love with me, or its so nice being IN love, that I make him feel love. he's done it twice or thrice. But the next morning Ill say "Do you remember last night?" and hell say no. I just tell him he was funny and leave it at that. I dont want the big "Im in love with you" to be over the phone. My question is that is his sleepiness making him more honest or am I reading too much into it? What should I do if its true?


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  • Talking in sleep is not the same


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  • It's funny because every time someone asks this it's the same story and it's always the same answer. No. It doesn't count if they're drunk/high/whatever when they tell you.