How can I go on?

I made the biggest mistake of my life. I stayed in an abusive home for way too long. My mother was a complete bitch growing up and she raised us strict but i knew she meant well.. only it made me anti social. My crazy older sister who is almost 30 and still lives at home, used to bully me while i was sick in my younger days, i was so naive and weak i lett her bully me.. i was too young and sick to understand what was going on... now oi am 24 and completely at lost... i have barely any friends, i never had a boyfriend, i still live at home and i am depressed. They ruined me and now i am on ad to be happy... how can i fight and win thi battle?


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  • first find some job become independent and leave that home
    this is probably the hardest but you should do it before anything else


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  • You can still move out and find a job.