Have a crush on my massage therapist (adult) how to proceed?

I went through a rough patch recently details excluded.

I started seeing this massage therapist and I instantly knew we would be friends. she's become someone who knows the indimate details of my past relationship and I can confide in.

1st session I gave her a peck on the lips... "I dont normaly let guys kiss me... But you love me though... Just a little". On occasion I given her some gifts as a thank you and always get a nice kiss from her.

I dont have her personal # as all txts go directly go to her sec. for appts however I have written some quality reviews of her on the forums and she always returns my online mesages.

I want to build up the trust / friendship and would like some advice. She has a Bithday in the End of Oct and we are both Scorpios.


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  • Ask her for her phone number.


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  • Say "hey, I've been experiencing this erection and it won't go away, have any ideas on how to help :)". No, but seriously though, I suppose all this depends on what you want with this lady. You say that you want to build up the friendship, but it sounds like you want more than that. If you want to ask her out, then stop beating around the bush and just ask her out. Us guys are expected to be direct with this stuff. That being said, if you want to pursue some sort of romantic/sexual relationship with this woman, then you'll have to stop seeking her professional services. There's nothing wrong with seeing her outside work, but she'll probably want to keep her work and personal life separate. Hope that helped.

  • Ask her out or get her phone number ask her if she wants to come to your house for help with something straight like that.