Does my coworker like me/was this a date?

I started a new internship recently, and one of my teammates talks to me once in awhile. Last week he randomly came up to me & gave me his #. A week after this (yesterday) he texted and asked if I wanted to have dinner and "explore the city" that night. He also insisted on picking me up after work from my apt.. at first I thought it might be a date, but it kinda seemed like a casual hangout. He didn't pay for dinner or anything, but paid for dessert afterwards? He also said he's new to town and looking for people to hang out with (he said he's been texting people to hang out & no one responds but me haha). He also asked if I wanted to go to the beach next weekend. I'm super confused if he's interested or not (I'm starting to think he's just being friendly)?


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  • hard to say, it seems to early and to little info is known. As a guy, if we like a girl, we usually say it.. but your circumstance maybe different. I think their's a chance he likes you but doesn't want to cross the line.


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  • Yeah it was a date. Just bc he didn't pay for everything dosent mean it was not a date