We started hanging out but he's not over his ex. Will time apart possibly help him to heal and figure out what he wants or is it already a lost cause?

Basically I got too "relationship-like" for him, and he's stopped contact with me now. I know he's not over his ex. He said that he likes me though, so can some time apart do us any good or is it a lost cause for sure?


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  • I think everyone is different, you don't want him to just be with you to distract himeslf for the feelings he has for his ex, you want to be the one wants an not a rebound, so if you want you can still hang with him but keep that in your mind.

    • If we already had sex is it too late for that?

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    • You had sex so what, you can always still distance yourself, however don't have sex with him again unless you know you both are on the same page.

    • Okay, thank you.

  • It's not your fault. But he might just need some time alone and most likely felt that he needed to be in some type of relationship with another girl to fill in some void he's missing. He's probably not even noticing he's hurting you in the process so spare your heart and at least give him some time apart so he can find his way.