What do you all think is he messing with or are they just friends like he say? Do you think kissing is sexual?

Caught my guy (we work together) in the car with another girl coming from a spot at work that is known for people going to have sex while at work. He claims their just friends they dont do anything sexual. Of course i dont believe him cause if she's your friend why do have to go to the spot, why was her car seat let down when i drove past you, it just doesn't make since. When i confront him i call her a b*tch and a hoe and he defends her and says she's neither. I told him to be honest about f*cking her but he still denies it. I told him idc if he is just be honest but i guess i should've said your not f*ucking her yet maybe he would have admitted then maybe they just kiss I don't know. I just want him to admit he's doing her or getting ready to at least give me that much. Why can't men just be honest esp. when the girl is asking about it?


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  • coz he thinks you will leave if you find out. coz hed prolly leave if you did that


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  • Well first off no I don't believe him however you don't need to go bad mouthing her when she really didn't do anything wrong if she didn't know about you. Calling her a bitch and a hoe anyone would really defend someone they actually care about. He doesn't want to be honest because he feels like denying is the only thing to do, too much pride.