Not dating/long distance?

Hung out with this guy for two months, I left for the summer. Communication is hard with him, he doesn't text. We said we missed each other a few times and think about each other a lot. I asked him if he had any intention of dating he said "it's hard when you live far but we'll see how things go when your back here" he's a pretty honest person and I feel like he would have said he didn't want to if he didn't. So what not? Do you think things will work out? I still have a month till I see him.


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  • Something caught my eye here, when you said he's a pretty honest person. Sounds like you trust him. Thats a big thing.
    Im also in a long distance relationship and giving it my best, first time I have done this before yet take it seriously as if she was here with me. Will it work out? You just have to try, if you want it then yes give it a try and it "should" work out.

  • Ask anyone already in a long distance relationship how stressful it can be and you will get a boatload of reply. Will it work a month from now?

    Will my 1958 Edsel start this winter? I really do not know for sure.


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  • Honestly, I don't think things will work out due to long distance. But maybe you will make it through, I don't know.