Does my female friend like me?

Long story short, I met this girl at a party and we had sex and went on a few dates after that. I think she really liked me and told me she did when she was drunk, but then she started getting pretty distant, and she was worried that it could actually become a thing. She sort of runs from her problems from what I've noticed. She eventually told me she only saw us as platonic and wanted to continue being friends. Anyway, here we are 3 months later and she is a good female friend, but it feels like she's obsessed with me in a friend light? She texts me all the time, I rarely initiate; she will text me asking where I've been if we don't talk for a day; she calls me everyday after work; we hangout pretty much all weekend, I don't see her in the relationship light anymore but she's a fun person to hang with and we always crack each other up. Her body language is pretty expressive too; she always rubs against me when we walk and just seems to be sorta touchy/feely like she'll always punch me and stuff joking around. I catch her staring at me quite a bit too, and I'll look at her and she'll either maintain eye contact or look down really fast. Then the other day she said if i didn't have any plans after i graduate that we should totally be roommates... her friends always joke around that we should just get married already since we sorta just click.

I might be overthinking this but do you all think she has feelings for me or just see's me as a platonic boyfriend? hahaha It's honestly starting to feel like we're dating aside from not hooking up. Thanks


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  • She simply wants your attention and nothing more than that.


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  • Do not confuse sex with love, especially drunk sex. If she said she liked you when she was drunk, take it for face value a drunk conversation. How many times have you heard your drunken mates say "luv you man" without giving it another thought? You have no idea what is going through her head while she is staring at you. You may not ever want to know so do not ask until you are much closer in a relationship. Best time and way to find out what she really thinks of you is to ask point blank when she is sober and happy.

    If you can not ask her that simple question, you two really have nothing more in common than a fleeting infatuation with each other.


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  • She probably likes you


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  • She does sound like she likes you.