Should I ask her out over the phone?

So I ve been working with this girl for a few weeks now and we seem to be hitting it off well. A couple nights ago my employer rented out a vip room in a night club and we all went. I sat at a table before she showed up and once she was there she never left my side so I definitely think she feels the same connection I do. I looked at the schedule today to see when we were working next so I could ask her out on a formal date but she doesn t work at all this week. I don t want to wait that long and have things die out. All of the employees phone numbers are posted in the break room. So I was wondering if it would be weird if I called her explaining how I didn t want to wait to ask her out to dinner or what not. Thoughts?


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  • Sure go for it. There is nothing weird about it.


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  • Go for it, there's nothing weird about that